Shan E Khalsa is a great Gurmat Academy. They teach a lot about sikh religion. We even sometimes go to the park when it’s sunny outside. A lot of kids go to Shan e Khalsa. We read a lot of Punjabi stories. The teachers are very nice. We have tests sometimes. Sometimes we play games, like 7up. I think Shan e Khalsa is the best Punjabi school.

Jamine K Rai

Shan E Khalsa is a very rewarding gurmat academy. We learn to read and write Punjabi. Teachers are very patient and helpful. They are very patient and helpful because if you do not understand they will work with you until you are caught up with the rest of the class. They break the classes into three parts level, one, two and three. In level one you learn the core vowel symbols. The teacher takes time teaching every vowel symbol. So that you can master everything. I also enjoy going to Punjabi classes because all of the fun prizes we can win.

Prabhjot K Gill

Shan e Khalsa is a very fun and entertaining place! We do lots of fun activities there but we also learn a lot about sikh history and lots of Punjabi. You can do a couple of activities there. All of them are fun. We also watch movies and have sports day. Shan E Khalsa is a great place to spend some of your time. If you are a bored person come to Shan E Khalsa. All of the teachers there, teach in a kind and fun way. You can learn path, tabla, Punjabi, harmonium, and lots of more things. There is also time to play with your friends and sometimes we go to the park. So, if you wanna have fun come to Shan E Khalsa!

Manmeet K Sidhu

Shan E Khalsa Gurmat Academy is very fun. It will really teach you how to read and write Punjabi. It will be very useful and helpful skill to have in the future.

Kamalpreet K Rai

I like Shan E Khalsa because you have so much fun playing games. And sometimes Our Shan E Khalsa teacher lets us go to the park. Only when it is a good sunny day or if you are good. Sometimes we even get candy. Our Shan e Khalsa teachers has all sorts of candy. When we do something very good he gives us prizes. If someone is behind and the whole class is not. Only that person that is , they make those people or students stay inside after school is over. Not for detention only because so you can join the rest of the class again. And you will not be behind from now on . And have a good time at Shan e Khalsa.

Kamleen K Bajwa

Shan E Khalsa Academy has helped me learn so much Punjabi in the last two years. Not only can I read and write Punjabi better, but I can also speak it better. It is a very helpful and fun learning experience in life. The teachers are very patient with you and will help you again and again until you master what you are having trouble with.

Areet K Hansra

Shan E Khalsa is a great place to learn Punjabi and have fun at the same time. I would recommend Shan e Khalsa to anyone who would like to learn Punjabi. I’ve been at Shan E Khalsa for 2 years and I can already read the Punjabi newspapers. Shan E Khalsa is helping me now and will in the future.

Un-named student

Shan E Khalsa is fun when we do group activities and read the chapter words and sentences together. I like when we listen to stories because then we can understand the story behind the topic.

Baljot Kaur Rai

I really like shan e khalsa everyone should go there.

Baljot Kaur

Shane Khalsa is the best everybody there are nice we get surprised and last but not least it is fun there and like it a lot there now bye.

Atamjit Kaur Shergill

  • Posted August 9, 2010 9:29 pm
    by baljot kaur

    i really like shan e khalsa everyone should go there

  • Posted September 30, 2010 12:34 am
    by Manjit Singh

    Shan E Khalsa Gurmat Academy wakai e sant sipahi dai sidant nu apna kai khalsa panth di aan & shan nu barkrar rakhdi hoi sikh panth di sewa kar rahe hai.Kirtan, Gurbani, Santhya, Gatka, Punjabi class, Dastar & Sikhi spirit da fullan da pura guldastan sikhi di mehak canada di darti uppar faila reha hai akal purakh aap g nu chardi kalla bakshan

  • Posted October 24, 2010 6:19 pm
    by Navneet Gill

    Me too all the classes are great from Kirtan – Gurbani Santhiya you never ever get bored and for santhiya your teachers correct and tell you why that’s the way you say it.

  • Posted January 19, 2011 6:23 pm
    by Shan E Khalsa Student

    Shan E Khalsa is the best place to be when your bored.It’s the best place I’ve been to.

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